About DiscoFM

In 2012, Dutch DJ’s Peter de Jong and Jeroen de Boer decided that the best way to keep entertaining their fans was by opening up a radio station. They could clearly tell that their fans were not having enough of their music which they could only access a few times in a week for the lucky ones and those not too fortunate had to wait for weeks before the DJs could make it to their nearest nightclub. Some resulted in following the DJs to all their gigs. To solve this problem, Disco FM was formed.

This is an online disco radio station that plays nothing but disco music. From the old school to the latest hits in the nightclubs that will make you dance along, you are bound to get everything you desire to make your day entertained and relaxed. The music is played every day, all day. This means that you get to enjoy it 24/7. Disco FM is not your average radio station because the running of the channel is driven by the needs of listeners all over the world. Even if we are experts at knowing the best disco music, we like operating with our listeners and fans in mind. We only play music that will entertain all of our audience.

How do we know what to play?
We have been in the entertainment field for a very long time. In fact, we are professional DJs. The experience we have as DJs has helped us come up with a radio station that gets over 5000 listeners every day. This has not come easily but patience, integrity, understanding our audience and ensuring that we are reliable has made us the most sort for disco radio station in America and other parts of the world.

Because of the overwhelming response we have from listeners, many companies started approaching us to take advantage of our broad coverage and audience base to market their products. This saw the creation of the advertising wing of the group. We have successfully worked with many companies especially in America, United Kingdom, and Australia to market their products and services. To help us with the broadcasts and advertising campaigns, Disco FM has employed six full-time employees. We are growing every day with our audience increasing significantly.

Remaining faithful to our audience is our most significant desire. We work hard to stay true to our core values which are providing quality uninterrupted disco music to our audience and staying true to our promise of playing the music 24/7. We work with integrity which has made us a trusted source of disco music and advertising space for thousands across the world. We aim to become better every day and to offer quality services. Every day is a learning experience of how we can become better at what we do best.

So, if you are looking for a reliable disco music radio station, we are here. You can listen to our music from anywhere in the world. You can even request for your favorite hits to be played.