Advertise With Us

We are an online disco radio station that gets over 5000 listeners every day. This means that for anyone who is looking for a platform to advertise their products, we are the ideal choice. We have viewers from all over the world but mainly from the USA, Australia and United Kingdom. With us, we give you a broad audience at an affordable rate. We are easy to work with, honest, professional and dependable. What are some of the things that you can expect from us?

Advert Creation
We are here to help you craft the best advert that draws our listeners’ attention. We have a marketing team that helps all our advertisers come up with great adverts. One of the things that we do as a team is first to understand your needs and the products you want to market. We also like to get to know who your target market is regarding age, gender, and demographic covering. The more we understand your marketing needs, the better we will be able to market your business and products.

On the same note, we work with you as a team. We advise you on the best practices that will make your marketing campaign successful, but we do this without taking advantage of you.

Intensive Airtime
Creating a killer advert does not guarantee you excellent results until you reach out to the right audience. We ensure that the advert gets maximum airtime during our shows. We have prime times where we have many listeners. We can organize your advert to get airplay during the prime time. We also agree on the number of times you would like the advert to be repeated daily and the number of days in a week.

One thing we do is giving every single advert the attention and passion it requires to connect with the listeners. We do not hurriedly go through the adverts but give each quality time so that even the audience can relate to the advert. We also understand that playing it once is not enough. Repeating the same advert several times a day gives a better impact.

We are Reliable
It would feel bad paying for services that you do not receive or getting additional charges that you were not aware of. What we agree upon when creating the advert remains. The terms and conditions are clearly stipulated and you are made aware of the agreements even before we sign a contract. We are also quite affordable. We strive to give our clients competitive rates and airtime that they would not find anywhere else. With us, there are no hidden charges, you get all the airplay you have paid for, and we work together as a team. You are aware of every step and the progress the advert has made all throughout the advertising period.

We promise that we will not disappoint you. We will work together to ensure that your business grows to a higher level. You will not regret the decision.