online radio disco

Advertising examples

We are not like any other radio channel. First, because we use only the internet to broadcast and secondly because we are mainly focused on disco music. Something you might not know as well is that we have shows in different kinds of languages every Friday from 15h to 18h. As a regular listener you will know in advance what language the next show will be in. This way we can entertain all our European listeners. It also provides us with an opportunity to create new ways of advertising. Or at least ways that are not known to be used on radio yet. We will use a roulette campaign that we have just finished for an online casino to explain the ways to advertise on our radio.

Covert Ads

In one of our shows that we have presented in the Dutch language, we have used covert ads for our online casino client. We did this by starting a conversation about online casinos and gambling in our show and also using comments that our listeners leave behind on the various channels. Of course the presenters were in favour of online gambling and they’d make comments such as; “ik kom altijd op deze website wanneer ik verschillende casino spellen wil proberen.” This means something like I always go to this online casino website when I want to try out different casino games.

Regular ways

Of course you can also create your own commercial and have us play it in between our shows. We do ask that the ad is at least somewhat related to the disco scene. The online casino that was promoting its roulette games, is active in a completely different industry but could still find a common ground. Which is why it was focusing on its party roulette games that are being offered in the online casino. Coincidentally, these live roulette games include a disco ball in the studio. This is what we are looking for. But don’t worry, we will help you with the creative process. Everything to serve our listeners with the most relevant content.

Casino Sounds


With the casino advertising on Disco FM it was quite easy to come up with different ways to be discreet about it. However, we can also make this happen for you, even if you are not active in the casino industry. Just contact us and we will discuss the options together. Now back to the casino. We also have a segment that is called Guess the sound? And guess what? Here the listener has to guess a sound, in this case the sound of slot machines and the guess what question was about guessing the answer to the next statement. Ik kom altijd op deze website wanneer ik verschillende casino spellen wil proberen. This is obviously very hard to guess, that’s why the winner got a very generous bonus as a prize.

External Events

You can probably guess that we also attend all kinds of external events to promote our brand. We can also combine the brands of our advertisers, just like we did with the casino customer that was promoting roulette. We created a stand that was built like a roulette table, with disco balls and music. For us this was a perfect collaboration which we hope to enjoy many more times. And also with other types of companies. The important thing is that the product our service has to connect with our audience, just like casinos.

Your own ideas

Besides the things we have already done before, we are always open to hearing your new ideas. So if you are a gifted poet and you want to recite your casino poem on the radio, or if you have an interesting guest from the casino industry to interview on air, you are most welcome to contact us. We can go through the options together and if it’s really good even make it a regular thing.