Our Music

Music is good for the soul. We as professional DJs understand that good music not only entertains but heals. We strive to offer the best to all our listeners all over the world. As an online radio disco FM, we know that most people who seek our music want something they can dance to. They want to feel the nightclub experience where they dance to their favorite tunes whenever they want. This is what you get from us. We play disco music all throughout the day and night, seven days a week. This means that you can carry the nightclub music experience with you wherever you are.

What Inspired Our Music
The response we got from clients whenever we played at the clubs made us think of starting something that would satisfy their appetite for disco music. Getting our music a few hours every other night when we played at the clubs was not enough. They needed more. Also, the fact that we DJ at different clubs means that some of our fans had to go for long periods without seeing or dancing to our music unless they choose to follow us to the various venues. As much as some would have loved to follow us, it was not convenient. Also, it is not every day of the week that we play the music in clubs.

Many people would have wanted to listen to the music anytime they wanted to regardless of where they were. This need saw the birth of online Disco FM. Our music is carefully selected to ensure all our fans can enjoy the experience from wherever they are. All throughout the day and night, fans can listen to their favorite disco music and even dance along. The freedom of note having to go to a nightclub to listen to disco music was welcomed by many, which has made us get over 5000 visitors listening to the music every day. This number is growing by the day.

What to Expect from Our Music Selection
Being a disco music station, we ensure that we give our fans music they can dance along. We make sure that all the songs play to completion. This means that we only play the extended versions of every song. We understand how frustrating it feels when you are in the middle of your best song but the station cuts it short to introduce another one or bring an advert. With us, you will enjoy long sessions of nothing but your favorite disco music. Even if we bring adverts, we make sure that they do not interrupt the flow of music or take up much of the airtime.

Did you know that you can request for your favorite disco music? All you need to do is get on the site and request us to play the songs. We strive to meet all the expectations of our listeners. In fact, we love it when you ask for songs because it helps us know your needs and work harder to please you.

Our music is inspiring, entertaining and a choice for everyone who wants something out of the ordinary. The music is for those who do not mind dancing along to the tunes when busy working on a tough assignment at the office or when driving along a boring road. Our music will keep you entertained no matter where you are. It will brighten up your day and even connect you with other listeners who love the same music as you do all over the world. We are all about connecting like-minded people as we offer quality entertainment.