Roulette Bonanza

Roulette Bonanza is a company that have developed many different smartphone applications. One of the most recognized and successful applications developed by Roulette Bonanza is the Indian roulette game Roulette Rajah which is available in both the Indian Google Play Store and Indian iTunes store. Their company name is derived from the success with the the Roulette Rajah game.

Due to the reach which the discofm online radio station has within India with over 200,000 monthly Indian listeners the management at Roulette Bonanza decided to run a marketing campaign with us.

The Roulette Bonanza company has now been advertising with DiscoFM for over 12 months advertising multiple more applications and games on top of their famous game Roulette Rajah.

Together with Roulette Bonanza we made several different radio jingles for their various games and applications. After some careful initially testing of the various radio jingles we were able to determine which of the radio jingles were the most effective in bringing new installations to games such as the Roulette Rajah game.

If you are interested in advertising your online services or products such as smartphone casino games then please do get in contact with to get a no strings attached quotation including jingle production and air time.

Thank you Roulette Bonanza for your continued trust in DiscoFM and for providing our listeners with fun games like the Indian Roulette Rajah game which is available for download for both android and apple devices.